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KLYMIT INERTIA X FRAME täispuhutav madrats


Weight 9.2 oz / 260.82 g
Dimensions 72 x 23 x 1.5 in / 183 x 58 x 4 cm
Packed Dimensions 6 x 3 in / 15 x 8 cm
Material 75D polyester
Warranty Lifetime

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  • Kollane
  • Recon
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  • Minimalist Design: Advanced patterning removes all extraneous material to creates an ultralight, minimalist design that delivers comfort and support for only 8.5 oz. and packs to 3” x 6”.
  • Body Mapping: Advanced patterning places chambers only where padding is needed and eliminates them where they are not, allowing us to shed significant weight without sacrificing comfort.
  • Loft Pockets: Empty spaces between the chambers serve as expansion zones that allow your sleeping bag to fully loft beneath you, maximizing its thermal performance.
  • The Right Size: At 78” long, the streamlined size is tapered to fit the body and allows the pad to be used inside or outside of your sleeping bag.
  • Patch Kit included for emergency repairs


Kollane, Recon


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